10 Stages Of Bridesmaid Hell

She's asked you to be bridesmaid (YAY!) and you couldn't be more excited, but as you're about to find out - it’s not all rainbows and confetti.  Allow me to expand slightly on all the things that will (most probably) run through your head when you've been recruited to help your girl get hitched. Take a deep breath, smile... after all it’s her big day.

1. You're unbelievable excited for her and the opp' of playing a big part in the wedding – but the reality also starts to sink in that your friend is no longer going to be single. You realise you have to find a new go-to buddy for the pressing  ‘who would you rather...' convos.  


2. Bridesmaid bankruptcy – yep it’s a thing. Nobody tells you the part about how you are suddenly expected to rinse your bank account for the big day (and everything that comes with it).  It's been nice knowing you savings.  

3. The hen do. It’s the bit you've been looking forward to... fun, laughter and an excuse to let your hair down. Yet somehow you've found yourself with a military operation on your hands. Not only is there a diva bride, but her strange relatives to cater for.

4.  You thought the funding was over? Think again. Massages, facials and every other single type of wedding prep is compulsory. You probably need to accept the fact your social life is now going to revolve around wedding related activities.  

5.  Being a full time PA.  No one tells you that as part of your job role you are required to be on call 24/7 - that includes 4am phone calls to discuss table settings. Then of course, you have to agree when she chooses the opposing option.  Not to mention your Whatsapp notifications are going to be off the chain.

6. Dealing with Bridezilla. You love your friend dearly and supporting her in all of her decisions is your duty as a dedicated bridesmaid... but she really does know how to test your patience. Breathe; it's her big day.

7.  She’s usually super stylish but the 'maids dress she has chosen for you is questionable. You have to express your love for it either way, despite looking like a frumpy meringue pie.  Then there's your face... your canvas, which you have to leave in the hands of another for a whole day.

8.  Your face muscles will start to spasm. You have to show enthusiasm at ALL times. The 89th envelope it still as great as the first. You are SO excited about it.

9.  Everyone seems to take an interest in your marital status, follow it up with the question  ‘is it going to be your turn any time soon?’ and insist on setting you up with the best man's younger brother. No thanks Pete.   

10.  You survived the big day and it was beautiful. However, just as you thought you'd shaken away everything associated with the big day, the 'W' word is now part of your life. From now and forever... Til death do you part.