10 Stages To A Girls Holiday

The notorious girls holiday. The maker or breaker of friendships. If you've ever been on a girl’s holiday you’ll know the roller-coaster of emotions and turmoil that can unfold. Don’t be alarmed; what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

1. The Big Plan 

We should do this and this and maybe that as well! The you pre-holiday will think you’ll be able to do everything. You’ll go to Maga and you will drink… a lot. Planning complete.

2. The Build Up

This can also be known as the scream up. Any time you and the girls are together inevitably ends in screams and squeals from the majority of the conversation. Meanwhile another friend has taken on another faddy diet in order to reach her beach bod goals #nocarbsbeforemarbs

3. Someone Will Bail

Your newly taken friend will start um-ing and ah-ing about whether they can ‘afford’ it.  We know your game, whatever happened to sisters before misters. Excuses, excuses, bored now.

4. The T-Shirt Debate

We've all seen the tragedies that are the matching t-shirts with bad nicknames on the back, if you've ever been on a girl’s holiday you've definitely worn one. You may think you've avoided it when you’re not wearing them at the airport, however they are a ‘when’ factor not an ‘if’ factor.

5. Chanting 

Loads and loads of chanting. You’ve arrived at your destination, how else are people going to know you’re here? “‘Manchester’ girls we are here woah woah”… and the rest.

6. The Flasher

Whether it’s for a bar crawl game, to get a free drink or for the sheer liberation of it. Someone or most of you will #freethenipple

7. The Breaking Point

One or all will cry, either on a night out or on the inevitable bust up. There will be screaming, there will be unveiling of dirt from way back when, and outrageous insults will be thrown. But once this hormonal hurricane has passed you’ll re-apply your make-up (badly) and head out to the strip for the best night of the holiday. No pain no gain.

8. The One That’s Up For Everything…

And we mean everything. She’ll disappear then reappear on stage ready to enter a wet t-shirt contest. She jumps to the chance to make a complete fool out of herself, but you love her for the LOLs she provides. An all-round morale booster.

9. Holiday Tune

Undoubtedly there will be a song that becomes your song that takes you back to Spring Break 2014. You have a dance routine, you know all the words and when it comes on you all shout in unison ‘TUNE!!’

10. Post-Holiday Avoidance

You’ve spent the past week or so attached to one another’s side and it has been fabulous. But when you come home, time apart is essential. You still love your BFFs but if you see their face one more time you may just scream.