10 Times North West Was Your Spirit Animal

This little sass-pot turns three today, so we thought it was only fair that we honour her by showcasing some of her UH-mazing facial expressions that she's offered up over the years...

1. Every morning, ever

2. When you see your ex on a night out and wonder why you let them anywhere near you

3. When your friend busts out some very questionable, new shoes... 'WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?!'

4.  Leaving the club and trying to find your Uber

5. When you see an unidentified hottie in public 

6. Walking past fast food when you're trying to get that summer bod

7. The first time you see your reflection after you forgot your umbrella... 

8. When some random, drunk dude won't stop asking if you want a shot. Relax yourself.

9. That feeling when you ordered online and it's all fire so you don't have to return anything

10. When someone from school slides into your DMs even though they were an a** to you back in the day. Swerve.

Image source: Instagram