10 Times Scott Disick Owned The Kardashians

Kourtney and Scott left us hanging on a high over the weekend after releasing a series of PDA-packed Snapchats looking v.smitten. Are they together?... aren't they?! With April Fools Day approaching we're clearly going to have to take them with a pinch of salt but we have to admit, we were pretty gutted when they split. Deep down we knew that KUWTK would never be the same again. We loved to hate him at first and now we love to love him, and he totally knows it. He's the one person we can solely rely on to bring a sarcastic dose of reality into our lives.

I'm not sure what it is we praise him for the most; his excellent wind up skills, his class A pranking expertise or the ability to shut down everyone in the family with just one witty comeback. In his honour, here's a run down of our favourite moments...

1. When he changed his name to remind everyone of his royal status

2. His ability to keep his outfit ON-POINT at all times (wherever the location)

3. When he outdid the rest of the family with his career ambitions

4. When he gave his son his first lesson in romance

5. When he knew this relationship was doomed from the start

6. His second to none fashion sense

7. When he wasn't afraid to express his masculinity 

8. When he did what he had to in order to fit in with the rest of the family

9. When he said what the rest of us were thinking... (always!)

10. When he showed his gratitude towards his family...

... All hail Lord Disick!