10 Times Taylor's Cat Out Instagrammed Her

It's 10 years since T-Swizzle's first album. Yep 10 years. Whilst we <3 Tay Tay, we never knew how much of a shining star her kick-ass cat Olivia is, until now. So here's 10 times she owned Instagram...

When she was a kitten

I actually have no words

Everything about this photo

If looks could kill... 

When she flew in style

No arguments over a window seat

In these carry cases

Like a boss

When she didn't let herself blend into a white duvet

Nailed it

When she was basically a meerkat

And when a trophy merely meant another chew toy

No biggie

When she had a fiercer social profile photo than you


When she looked this cute asleep

And when she was that major she had a cardboard cut out made of her

She's kinda a big deal 

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