10 Types of People You See at the Airport

The airport is a very diverse place, you have a lot of time to kill. 

You bet we've cherry picked our faves and grouped them together... and you might just be lucky enough to fit into of them too.

Next time you find yourself in departures, grab a cocktail and tick a few off your checklist. You won't be disappointed... 

1. The Sports Team - e.g. boys on tour. The rowdy pack of wolves sent from their home grounds that are in it to win it. Or should i say, in it to chant at the top of their voices for the entire duration of the journey. Of COURSE they are on your flight...

2. The First Timers - They'll be the first people you spot in an array of matching slogan t-shirts. Common spots will be  'Malia 16' and 'YOLO'. 

3. The Self Important Business Man - iPad, iPod, MacBook, notepad... check. They'll probably be tucked away in business class with an overly important briefcase in one hand, coffee in the other.

4. The WAG - the over packers and the individuals found hidden under a fedora hat or a pair of sunglasses the size of your suitcase. Heels? Of course they're practical.

5. The Guy Who Thinks He's Already On Holiday - otherwise known as the 'tourist enthusiast'. You know, the one dressed in a shirt so tropical you need sunglasses to even look at it. He may be armed with an inflatable ring; oh, and don't forget the sandals and socks.

6. The Hen Party - the whole squad is outfit coordinated and accessorised in anything pink, pretty and p... well, you know the rest. If unsure they'll be swimming in pitchers of sex on the beach and marked by territory 'Gina's Hen 16'.

7. The Elderly Couple Who Are Doing It Right - hand in hand with a bottle of wine, they could be flying half an hour away to see the family or spending a fortnight in the Caribbean... but you just know they secretly have it all sussed out.

8. Dead or Delayed - the people sprawled on the floor so much you can't tell if they are alive, taking a nap or have been abandoned in the middle of the airport for quite some time. Just keep moving, no one can help them now.

9. The Oversized Family - can be seen accompanied with a whistle racing through security last minute with enough hand luggage to cover a weekend at Glastonbury and trolleys to participate in a supermarket marathon. Hats off to the 'rents for top level leadership.

10. The Couple Who Haven't Seen Each Other Since Last Week - whether they are off on their honeymoon or acting out your typical Love Actually scene, they have PDA on tap. We get it guys...