12 Vaycay Snaps You'll See This Summer

It's that time of year! Everyone's heading off on their hols, whether it's a city break, week with the girls or beginning of the "gap yah" your insta feed is bound to be flooded with these absolute classics...

The Airport Shot

Typically composed of a passport, some sort of drink and maybe an accessory to show just how much of a jet-setting life you lead!

View from the plane

Once you've seen one, you really have seen them all

Hot Dogs or Legs?

A beach trip wouldn't be complete without a snap of your legs sizzling in the sun

The Selfie Stick

You know, the thing that's about as subtle as a brick whilst the landmark you're actually trying to get in the shot is barely visible in the background

Food Porn

You're not allowed to eat on holiday until there is photographic evidence... it's basically the law!

The Leap of Faith!

In classic Fame/ High School Musical fashion, whether it's the mixed heights group shot or just pretending to be a starfish, there is a definite art to this one!

Where In The World?

Just making sure people know where you are... in case they hadn't guessed from the last 1000 Insta posts. I mean, are you really in New York if you don't take a picture of a yellow taxi?

The Cocktail Shot

Bonus points for an ocean in the background!

The Sunset

As if you don't see these all the time at home?

Cute Animal Pal

Forget snaps with your squad, your new animal BFF is where it's at!

The Yoga Pose

Not confined to hols at a retreat and usually combined with a typical holiday background of the sea or a sunset (not that they're predictable or anything)

The Go Pro Pic

Everyone 100% needs to know how much of a good time you're having (don't they?) so if you can take a photo under water, why the hell wouldn't you!?