5 Struggles Every Tall Girl Faces

OK, so you’ve been blessed with a few extra inches and everyone praises you for having legs up to here. And while being a tall girl certainly rules, there's always those little niggles we have to face...

Finding a life partner

We know it’s kinda obvious, but when you’re pushing 6ft, finding a guy or girl who can look you in the eyes without standing on his tip toes can be hard. Tinder bio: 5'11" and under need not apply.

People asking if you play basketball

Just because you're tall does not mean you play basketball/ netball/ anything else that requires you defending or shooting for a loop on a pole. Props if you do, but some of us don't and never intend to.

Searching for the right pair of jeans

And trousers, and shorts. Ankle grazers might be in, but that doesn't mean we want to show them off at every occasion. Plus we have to shave that annoying three inches of leg every time.

Taking a selfie

If you’re friends are slightly more vertically challenged that you, it becomes that awkward head-tilt, crouch down moment when you look like your neck is about to snap off. OR your thighs are burning from trying to squat while everyone else is sorting their hair.

Being treated as a picker

Last time I checked, being over 5’8” didn’t automatically qualify you to get everything from the top shelf. You might not mind as much when a child or an elder is asking, but when your mates think you'll get everything and anything for them, it's time to bring out the ladder.