6 people you find at SXSW

With the annual  music festival-come-tech convention coming to a close, we round up some of the people you'll have seen over the last nine days... 

The Tech Entrepreneur

With a rucksack full of gadgets, this one has definitely created their own app. Every sentence will be littered with code and they'll be live streaming the festival through Facebook in 3D. This is the person who one day will be 100 x richer than you could ever dream of. 

The Freegan

The name's pretty obvious; they've managed to get through security without a ticket, they take advantage of any free (vegan) burrito that's going and lament the days when festivals were about free entry and even freer love. They're dressed like they were at Woodstock but realistically they are a child of the late 80s who swapped a college diploma for the 'University of Life'.

The Part-time Campaigner

They're a die-hard Democrat and can be found at monthly rallies showing their support for Bernie Sanders. They are likely to be a lecturer in the humanities or social sciences and blog on the side. Obama was a highlight but so was checking out Brit act Lapsley at Stubb's.

The Blagger

So they're on 'the list' and an elusive press pass is hanging proudly round their neck. After making it to the front of the queue at the ‘unofficial’ official after party, they post a selfie with the lead singer of some obscure band on Instagram that gets 100 likes and life is complete. They are SO gonna be the talk of the office when they fly back to New York on Monday.

The ‘Don’t Call Me A Hipster’ Hipster

They might look like a hipster but don't call them that. They keep themselves to themselves but will know THE stage to hit up and be surrounded by people asking them how on earth they managed to get those limited-edition, 2003-run, Safari-pack exclusive trainers. 

The Spring Breakers

Fresh from L.A., these guys have just hit legal US drinking age and are making the most of their spring break by hitting up the coolest festival that their friends haven't even heard of (Coachella is SO 2012 to them). They're here for the good time and spend most of the day on Snapchat - filters guaranteed.