7 Things People Who Hate Dressing For Summer Will Know

1. It's basically impossible to be both summer and work appropriate. Going bare legged is terrifying and you feel completely naked with your arms on show in the office after months of wearing 10 layers

2. Sunshine + shoes = blisters. As soon as the summer hits your trusty trainers become hot sweat boxes. Cue cute sandals and the blisters you have to suffer with them. Oh and ankle straps? Prepare for tan lines

3. Wearing all black in the summer is frowned upon but your entire wardrobe is completely monochrome 

4. If you wear the wrong outfit and mess up your tan lines on the first day- basically you're screwed for the entire summer

5. When jeans are your go-to outfit and people keep asking "aren't you hot?"

6. Trying out fake tan because your legs haven't seen the light of day since last September

7. When layering makes you happy but it's NINETY degrees outside