7 Things You Know If You're A Gemini

It's the 21st of May and that means one thing... Geminis, it's our month! 

1. Choosing what to have for lunch is a daily struggle

When it comes to little things, we're pretty much the most indecisive people you'll ever meet. Like, at least narrow it down to 3 options, open questions aren't our friends!

2. Sometimes it's hard not to be hilarious

It just comes so naturally. If you see us smiling at our phones it's probably because of something we said, not something someone sent us - true story!

3. 'Bored' should be our middle name

Duvet days aren't a thing (unless it's a REALLY good Netflix series) and we need constant entertainment. Start thinking of us like 5 year old children and you're almost there.

4. We have to watch what we say

We're pretty straight talking gals and sometimes that gets us in a bit of trouble - just saying it as we see it here people! Don't get me wrong though, slagging people off ain't our thing - not that we don't appreciate a good bit of goss, but it probs won't come from us.

5. We love a good reminisce

Launching into a story about 'the best summer of our lives', our first amazing festival trip or just the adorable things us and our BFFs used to do as children (they ARE adorable) happens on the reg. If we don't start at least one sentence a day with 'this one time', there's probably something wrong. 

6. Friends are for life

We're so NOT about the fake friendships but if you're truly in the crew you're there forever - I mean we need someone to talk about "the good old days" with, don't we?

7. Dory is our spirit animal

If you don't get to the point of the story quickly, we won't be listening by the end... soz! An attention span of longer than 5 minutes is... wait, what was I chatting about?