8 Feels On Your First Day At A New Job

By Jess Jepson

Starting a new job is hard. It's scary, it's new and you'll most likely go through all of the below... 

1. Wardrobe Worries

What do I wear?! Obviously this is the most important issue you face when starting a new job. How formal is too formal? How casual is too casual? How much effort SHOULD you make? You don’t want to come off as too keen OR too careless. 

2. Nervous Numpty

Is everyone gonna hate me? Will I even make any friends? Wait, do I even know HOW to make friends? Am I sure I can do this job? Am I good enough? Irrational fear takes over.

3. Where Do I Start?!

When you first arrive and don't know where the heck to start. Where do you go? How should you greet people? Hug? Handshake? You decide on a handshake, that's lot more professional, right? 

4. So. Many. Names. Can. Not. Remember.

As your stare blankly at the person who literally just told you their name 30 seconds ago, you realise you don’t remember their name, nor anything else they’ve told you so far…

5. Who Da Boss? You Da Boss?

Those awkward encounters with the big bosses you didn't realise were the big bosses, until it's too late. God help you if they ask the dreaded question, ‘Do you know who I am?'

6. Food Frenzy

Lunch is the most important part of your working day, but you have so many unanswered questions! When? Where? What? HOW? When is lunch? How long do I get? What should I eat?

7. Information Overload

Your boss has been talking at you for hours and nothing makes any sense anymore. Literally, nothing. Too. Much. Info. Can. Not. Cope.

8. Best. Job. EVER

I love it here. Everyone’s SO nice. I wonder if every day is gonna be THIS easy? Probably not. Ahh well, a girl can dream…

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