9 Things You'll Know If You've Got RBF

That's Resting Bitch Face, if you didn't know...

By Naomi Stewart

1. People just assume that you're not having a good time. Ever. And that you are forever dead inside

Picture this; you’re at a gig and the person you’re with won't stop asking if you're alright and if you're enjoying the show? OF COURSE I AM. It happens everywhere and it's happened your entire life.


2. When you have no make-up on your friends are genuinely concerned 

You can't leave the house without putting a little bit on because remember you're dead inside. FML.

3. Smiling does NOT come naturally 

It's difficult to even crack a smile. You've been repeating the same 7 words for most of your adult life, 'It's just the way my face falls.' You don’t even have to prepare for their concern nor do you have the emotion, your reply is merely a reflex. 


4. People around you tell you to 'smile' which in turn makes your RBF worsen 

Say hello to my sarcastic face. 

5. Smiling to you and everyone around you is a celebratory short period of time before you're face settles back to its usual self again

Sorry guys...


6. You wonder why guys never approach you in nightclubs

Is it cause im ugly? LOL nah. I gots RBF 

7. When you meet someone new they usually end up saying something along the lines of 'Oh you’re actually a really nice person!' 

Because they assume you're a bitch. 


8. You've googled your 'symptoms' at least once and triumphantly found out that you're not alone!


9. And after bonding with fellow RBF sisters online, you start to wonder if there's a cure for RBF and search some more for classes that teach you how to smile

One day guys, one day...


GIF source: Giphy