Ah, the 90s. When our futures were decided through paper fortunetellers, we used catchphrases like wassup and as-if, and 90210 and Sex And The City were our fashion guides! 

So, we’re agreed the 90s killed, here’s how to rewind back to our fav decade this semester…


Chokers go with everything; my outfit doesn’t seem complete without one these days!

Overalls, Dungarees, Jumper?

Whatever you call them, if you’re a 90s baby you understand how crucial it was to own a pair in every color and style!


You weren’t sh*t if you didn’t own one of these back in the 90s.

Slip Dresses

Easy to wear and perfect for making the transition from day to night!


The peoples choice and a must have staple! You can never own too many pairs of high waist jeans.