A New Yorker's Guide to Fashion Week

Ariana & The Rose got in on the fashion week action and gave us her top tips for the season!

My number 1 rule for LFW is bring your trainers! I am a New York girl, born and raised, which means I have been walking down cobblestone streets and over subway grates in high heels for as long as I can remember but I am officially a convert. I’m especially coveting the fluffy collab between Charlotte Simone x Adidas and the Boohoo white and gold sequined ones! 

Some other important FW tips:

1. Break out the (faux) fur, preferable in color.  It’s cold and grey and you really don’t need to wear any more black, do you?

2. Get your Shazam ready:  all the music on the runway is amazing ear candy and you’re going to want to know who is making it.

3. Bring an umbrella: I know you know already but you WILL forget and regret it.

4. Take pics: not of yourself, not of the famous girls in the front row but of the colors, the patterns, the fabrics.  Fashion is all about pushing boundaries and is the ultimate place to inspire the risk taker in us all.  

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