Aaliyah Jay | #theboohoostoreNYC

"I usually never dress down unless I'm sleeping!" says Aaliyah Jay - talk about dedicated!

Get to know one of our fave YouTube babes and learn all the tips and tricks on how to slay-all-day-everyday! 


What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

My favorite thing about the holiday season is wearing cute festive clothes and the food my family & I make.


Who’s your style icon?

Kim Kardashian. Some may not like her because of her personal life, but you can't deny that she dresses to kill EVERYWHERE she goes.


Style advice you live by?

Dress like your ex-boyfriend and your haters will be there ;)


Dress up or dress down for a night out?

Dress up of course. I usually never dress down unless I'm sleeping for the whole day.


Sneakers or heels?

Heels, definitely 


House party or club?

Club. House parties are more chill and I like to be extravagant.


Nights with your BFFs or with a date?

That’s super hard to choose. Is there a 'both' option for this question? hehe ;)

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