As if we needed another reason to get excited for the weekend to arrive, this Saturday, AFROPUNK returns to Brooklyn for its 11th year. A bit of a festival secret, it welcomes fashion rebels and totally celebrates individuality. Reasons to go? It’s THE place to hang with fellow misfits while getting your fill of the eclectic beats, pop up food trucks and thrift stores on offer. YAS! 

Style like you’ve never seen it, this cultural summer gathering is a definite must go for music and fashion lovers! Rad, Rebellious, eccentric, and creative are some of the words used to describe the 60k + crowd, at Afropunk. 

Style inspo...

Unlike Coachella where you opt for hipster chic and earthy tones, AFROPUNK is all about prints, patterns, and textures. The brighter the better! You wanna turn heads in a sea of rad creatives, so stack on the jewels and mix those patterns because standing out is way cooler than fitting in!

However, If you are a little more conservative and like to air on the safer side, mix prints in a subtle way. I.E. if you are wearing a printed shirt, add a colorful bracelet/necklace instead of a matchy pant.

Get the look and up your game at this year’s Afropunk …

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