Aussie Road Trips For Your Bucket List

Dreamin' of your next vacay? We feel ya.Lucky for you, we've already cherry picked the best hot spots in Oz with wheels…

And here’s what to punch into your GPS:

Go Coastal - Sydney to Byron Bay NSW

This road trip will take you and your fave mates up to the chill centre of the Northern NSW, Byron Bay, where you can take advantage of a relaxation guru or two – yep I said it, stress no more. The best route to do if your car is packed with pals as there is something for everyone. Whether you want to surf up the coast, go backpacking, or go out in the wild (…or sample it over the top of a latte).

Waterfall way - New South Wales

Known for its beauty over anything else, this trip is just short of magical. With names like ‘Crystal Shower Falls’ you know you’re en route to something GREAT. If you’re thinking secluded retreat, outdoor spa kinda vibe, then this is one for you. Ditch the iPhone and get prepped with a camera (the insta opps can wait!). This is the one trip where the road itself is the destination… Just make sure you remember to pack your fave bikini!

Take It Easy – The Great Ocean Road Victoria

For all those in love with the ocean, this journey is a must. The Ocean Road is a more relaxed approach, in other words -a lazy girl’s guide to site seeing (hence being my favourite). Take a chilled cruise down the coast, hair down, shades on – IDGAF style. Or, take a pit stop at Bells Beach – the surfer’s paradise. Plunging cliffs are a must for thrill-seeking cliff divers... AND the most important – epic hot spots for sunbathing. Need I say more?

TheWine Trail – Perth to Margaret River, WA

…You had me at wine. Here you can spend your time checking out the western Australian city or you can ditch the car and take up a sip-n-cycle wine tour. Head up to one of the top surfing spots, and if you’re a lover of food (aren’t we all?) then you can enjoy some of the best Aussie dining, or even take your delicacies onto the beach and make it your own.

Get Your Wheels Dirty - Alice to Uluru via The Mereenie Loop, NT

The ultimate outback trip that really will open your eyes. If you're craving adventure, and known for being a bit of a ride-or-die – type then this one's for you. Show off your sense of adventure and set off in to outback. It’s a trip that feels like you should have a 4WD, but the truth is the job can be done in a nippy little 4 cylinder car (given that you have a good driver, of course!). With a palm fringed swimming pool, roaming wildlife and a continuous dirt track, this route provides you with nothing but endless fun on tap.