Bikini Brigade

Now is the time to get holidays booked and start looking forward to summer. What better way to prepare than to take a look at the style from sisters past and celebrate the progression of the swimsuit? 

Over time more and more skin has been exposed and we love it! Nothing is more empowering than owning your body! 

The years of don'ts: don't wear anything tight,  don't give the wrong impression and don't for heavens sake try to show your knees! Ladies wore coats to cover their already covered bodies before getting in the water and getting out. I've always wanted to just tan my face and hands. 

We might not be feeling a beach coat vibe, but we do love an easy-breezy cover up...

The knees were exposed in the 20s creating a whole new sense of freedom. And on came the backless swimsuits in the 30s. This new step forward in fashion and skin exposure certainly created a surge in body confidence, something we can all support! 

We love a bold one piece especially on action holidays full of water-sports and mischief...

This was a time for high waisted  everything and bikini's and swimsuits were no exception. Adorned with scallop trims, peplum frills and halter necklines these styles were guaranteed to flatter your assets. Hooray for curves!

Get a piece of the pie with these sassy styles; stolen straight from the fifties.

It was official modesty was out and liberation was in. No restrictions meant that designers were able to experiment with styles, with all skin was on show. Waistlines got lower and bikini cuts got higher - perfect opportunities for a good #thighbrow shot 

This style was all the range last summer with some of our fav celebs sporting the look.

If you weren't getting attention already the 80s added neon to your high cut brief while the 90s string tied bikini tops were perfect for sunbathing! We're all about minimizing tan lines now that's more like it!

The perfect thing about neon and bold colors is they really show off your bronzed skin, be bold and take a pick from our selection.

Now: Freedom! High waisted, hipster, strappy, strapless, we can have it all!