The Braid Studio | How To Kardashian Braids

Our pop up store in LA played host to The Queen of braiding, Tatiana from The Braid Studio. If you’re all about RL hair goals check out our bad ass braids below…  

The Braid Studio's 5 step guide to Kardashian braids, you're welcome...

1. Make sure your hair is straight, combed and smooth

2. Use a pintail comb to create a deep center parting. Divide the hair into two equal parts, tying one side up to keep it separate

3. Take a section of hair close to the hairline and divide into three parts. Start braiding tightly, keeping close to the scalp, adding hair from left to right every time you cross over.

*TOP TIP FROM TATIANA*: To get the Kardashian dutch braids, make sure you wrap the hair under instead of over!

4. When you get to the bottom and there's no hair left to add, switch to a classic braid but continue to wrap the hair under (and not over!)

5. Tie the plait with a clear elastic band, spritz with hairspray so it stays smooth and in place, then you're ready for your #selfie! Go rock your Kim K braids!

Wanna get sassy hair like ours? Visit the studio 1355 Westwood Blvd, Rochester Avenue, LA and follow The Braid Studio on insta @braidstudio  

Email to book an appointment in LA or on location!