Celebs That Don't Age

There's a whole squad of Hollywood's golden gang that seemed to have been blessed with eternal youth. We'll have a dose of what they've had please... 

1. 2000 2. Now

Gwen Stefani, 47

This Sh** is bananas. Just HOW does Gwen get that glow? Classic beauty? Check. Bangin' bod? Check. Epic mum? Check. Flawless vocals? Check, check, check. TELL US YOUR SECRETS

1. 2003 2. Now

Alexis Bledel, 35

Over ten years has passed and it's as if time has stood still for the Gilmore Girls star. She's retained her piercing blue eyes, glossy mane and flawless skin. Not jealous one bit

1. 2003 2. Now

Pharrell, 43

Enter 'Pharrell vampire' into Google and you'll be greeted with half a million results and conspiracy theories that the N.E.R.D frontman is in fact immortal. However after his Time Out interview where he insisted he doesn't "drink people's blood", it turns out he's just damn lucky. What does he owe youthful glow to? Washing his face apparently 

1. 1999 2. Now

Jennifer Lopez, 47

We'd love to know what water they drink on the block because Ms Lopez is looking as banging today as she did back then. Check out James Corden's latest carpool karaoke video below with the singing sensation and see for yourself. No wonder Leo Dicap was so quick to text her back...

1. 1998 2. Now

Sandra Bullock, 52

Whilst she's flirted with lots of hairstyles since her fringed look back in 1998, what's remained is her fresh-faced beauty. And to top it all off SHE'S IN HER FIFTIES. She doesn't look a day over 30. Sandra Bullock defying logic since 1964