Celebs Who Didn't Give Up

Freaking TF out cos you didn't get the results you wanted?

Just stop, breathe, and don't have a b*tch fit. It's gonna be juuuuuuuuust fine. Take some inspiration and look at all of these boss-a$$ females who have made a name for themselves later in life. 

Vera Wang

Back in the day, Miss Wang was actually a competitive figure skater. After missing out on making the US team in '68, she worked her way up in the fashion industry and managed to get her foot in the door at Vogue. 

Everyone's ears finally pricked up though when she designed her first wedding dress. FYI, it was maaaaaaaaajor.

J.K. Rowling

Guess what? Twelve publishers rejected J.K. before she finally got her break in '97 with The Philosopher's Stone. TWELVE.

Bet you're regretting that now, aren't ya... 

Kristen Wiig 

So Kristen decided to drop out of college at 19 and made the move to LA. Buuuuuuuut, not so glam as you might think... She worked odd-jobs to keep the bills at bay, fitting in the occasional slot at comedy clubs in between. 

One day, she decided to send an audition tape to be part of the cast of Saturday Night Live, and they loved her. She was 32. 

Katy Perry

Just take a second to wrap your head around the fact that this one used to be a Christian gospel singer. Well, it didn't last very long. Her first album sold 200 copies, so a bit of a flop tbh.  She was then dropped from three labels. Yep, three. 

But it wasn't enough to stop this California Girl. She worked random jobs and even did backing vocals before she was finally signed in 2006 and I Kissed A Girl was born - cherry chapsticks and everythaang. 


The woman who gave us our go-to shower songs and that signature Vogue move wasn't always a bestselling artist. 

After dropping out of college, she moved to New York to pursue her dancing career and took a job at Dunkin' Donuts to earn some spare dolla. But she didn't even last a day. Who knew? 

See? Everything's gonna be a-okay!