Code First: Girls | Stylist Live

The Fix team popped down to London on Thursday for a fun-filled day at Stylist Live and one of the talks I signed up to was Amali De Alwis' coding masterclass. 

I'll be the first to admit that even the mention of the word usually has alarm bells ringing in my head - it just sounds confusing. So it's no surprise that I was a little dubious to attend and didn't know what kind of wizardry I'd be in for. But if it's good enough for Karlie Kloss, it's good enough for me. 

Amali opened with a "Demystifying Session" where the whole room then breathed a sigh of relief and we learned that actually, coding is just a language that writes instructions for a machine or computer. It's currently one of the most sought after skills on any CV so it's really no wonder each session was fully booked. 


Code First: Girls is the organisation aimed at getting more girls into the male-dominated world of tech by offering free coding courses to young women. So far, there are 4000 women on board and 19 courses across the UK and this number is only gonna keep on growing.   

Interested? Follow them @CodeFirstGirls

Image credit: Instagram