DIY Halloween Night In

Trick or treating not your bag? Don't sweat it! From drinks and snacks to daunting decor, here's how to have all of the Halloween fun without having to leave the house...

Blood Orange Gin & Tonic

Image: Freutcake

The clue is in the name! Add orange juice to gin and tonic for a ghoulish take on a G&T and finish with straws, eyeballs and slices of, yep, you guessed it - blood oranges. 

Jack-o-Lantern Peppers

Image: Everyday Jenny

Don't wanna carve out a pumpkin? Try this creepy yet cute stuffed peppers recipe. Simply scoop out the middle, carve out your faces, add mince or veggies, onions, chilli powder and seasoning to the middle and bake. 

Creepy Candles 

Image: Pop Sugar

Transform your home into a haunted house of horrors by melting a red candle over a white candle to look like dripping blood - eek! 

Ghoulish Ghosts 

Image: Simply Designing

No haunted house would be complete without the addition of some ghosts, right? Simply grab yourself some white balloons, add eyes with a black marker and drape over ripped sheer cloth or muslin.