Emotional Stages Of Your First Day Back At Work...

As told by Gossip Girl... 

The morning of, realising Christmas and all its joyful festivities are a mere memory

Programming your phone to wake you up at the crack of dawn. RIP lie ins

The piercing sound of said alarm the morning of 

Rocking a sassy look to hide any January blues

Trying to put on your best 'Yay it's January face'

Getting to work and seeing all of your work BFFs you've sorely missed

Opening your mailbox to three figure emails - joy... 

By midday when you're done with telling people how your Christmas was 

Trying to get back into the swing of things by remembering 

But it's tough, especially when the memories of endless lie ins, countless chocolates and all of the turkey you ate floods your mind

By 6pm you're done. You've incorrectly wrote 2016 a dozen times, broken all of your resolutions and Christmas is just too damn far away

 GIFS sourced from Giphy