Fashionistas Dilemma

Wake up, squint at clock … an hour to get ready, ok I can do this! 

Try on first outfit; no I look fat and lumpy. Sixth outfit in, ok this could work. Wait, hold up - I've got camel toe. *Now in tears* try on first outfit again, I luv it! How many of us fall victim to this? Don't worry - we're pretty sure it's all of us.

Sometimes we just have way too many clothes and choosing becomes impossible, right? 

So, if you have a severe case of FD, you need a stash of staples; your go-to's when you're in a rush or your alarm clock forgets to go off (like I didn't set it, these alarm clocks be throwing shade!)

Chic Days

For those days when you wanna look super chic, have a co-ord or some trousers to hand and add a duster to complete the look.

Casj Days

Sometimes we just wanna chillax and feel comfy, so stash a jumpsuit or some denim and look effortlessly cool yet chic.


For those impromptu internship/job interviews, always stash two looks, one business casj, and the other a lil more professional! 

Date Night

We gotta spend little time with bae too, even though we have a sh*t ton of projects to complete #collegelife! Stash an option for dinner and another for the movies.

Girls Night Out

To relieve some of that built up stress, stash clubwear and a LBD/LWD for a drink at a bar!