Fest Fashion - Expectation Vs. Reality

Not sure about you guys, but a large portion of my time this week has been spent stalking fit celebs on Insta to see what banging outfits they have pulled out of the bag for Coachella *queue 50 screengrabs for inspo*

Chances are, I'm gonna end up looking like a drowned rat in a poncho. We can all dream, but let's face it: it's going to chuck it down with rain, and as soon as you've got a new profile picture, who even cares...

Time to laugh at ourselves and take a gander at what we're actually gonna look like... 


1. Flower Crown

Expectation: Make way b*tches. You're going to waltz in looking like a damn queen. Lana Del Ray, eat your heart out.

Reality: You're skint, so ordering one from eBay for £2 seems like a great idea (it's really not). Now you have to walk around looking like you fought your way through a bush to get in. 

2. Glitter Glam

Expectation: You're going to get ready SUPER early and add some perfectly placed gems for one of the strongest selfies known to man. Sh*t, you may even have to frame this bad boy... it's gonna be that good. 

Reality: So yeah, that never happened. 'I'll just do it when I get there, it'll be fine'.

Oh, but it's not fine. Not one bit. By the time you remember, you've had too much cider and there are zero mirrors. 

Answer? Just smother that sh*t on and pray for a miracle. 

3. The Outfit

Expectation: The weather is sa-weeeeeeet. Time to whack on some short-shorts, all of the jewellery and an edgy hat. Will I get cold? Nah. Not a chance.


You've had an absolute mare and had to buy a friggin' poncho for the bargain price of £10 (rude). Now you're running around looking like a condom with your legs out because you felt optimistic when you woke up. 

4. Wavy, Boho Hair

Expectation: I will have a glorious mane and I will whip it around like I'm Sasha Fierce. 

Reality: You spent an hour in the silent disco. You step out looking like Diana Ross meets Monica during the Barbados trip on Friends.

For the love of God, does anyone have any serum? 

Image source: weheartit.com, Instagram (@vanesshudgens/@officialjdunn/@gabbyepstein)