Foods To Eat To Help You Sleep...

by Ettie Stevenson

Ever wondered if what you eat affects your sleep? We all know that cheese gives you nightmares but what gives us a good night sleep?

Eat these foods before bed to #girlboss it the next day...


Healthy and tasty, this fruit contains natural melatonin which helps control our inner body clock. Say YES to getting a more regular night’s sleep!


If you fancy a carby snack before bedtime and let’s face it we’ve all been there, then cereal could be your new go to. Cereals are complex carbs which help you drift off to sleep… just pass us a bowl and a spoon now.


Treat yourself and do your body some good with a few pretzels before bed. Yes you heard right pretzels!! This salty snack provides a natural rise in blood sugar levels, which helps you to drift off faster. We’re heading off to the shops RN.


It doesn’t all have to be savoury foods; honey can also help you sleep. A teaspoon of honey can raise insulin levels, which helps to produce melatonin meaning you’ll get a more restful nights sleep. Oh honey, honey…


Bananas could actually be just the thing you need to eat before bed. They contain all kinds of nutrients you could be missing from your diet. The magnesium in bananas can help you if you have difficulty relaxing before bed. Yaas.


Make like Nicole Sherzinger in those yoghurt adverts. It contains calcium, which if you’re lacking in can cause difficulties sleeping. Maybe we’ll wake up looking as good as Nicole? Worth a try…

Bring on sleeping bliss!

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