Friday Muse: Paris Omar

This week, we're <3-ing one sixth of our babein boohoo Black Friday #ModSquad, actress and model, Paris.

She's starred in TV series and sitcom That Hidden Camera Family, is signed to J'Adore Models in Manchester and has the best hair ever

Here's what went down when we asked her some of life's important questions...

Three words that describe me are... 

Confident. Vibrant. Unique!

My style is... 

Everything! I'm a very adventurous person when it comes to different styles. I often go for a 'sporty girl' look in a cute crop top with joggers and bold shoes. Other days, I can be a girly girl with prettier patterns. People always say "I wouldn't wear that but you do" which makes me laugh! The way I see it... the only thing standing between you and what you want to wear is confidence - you can pull off anything!

I really can't live without... 

Music! What is a world without Drake?

At the weekend I can be found...

In Wok & Go or Nandos! When I've worked hard all week, I like to treat myself with my fave food!

My special skills are...

Dream interpreting. I love getting to the bottom of what a weird dream means and what it was caused by!

A fact about me... 

A lot of people don't know is that I can play the trumpet - random I know! I can rap any drake song for you word for word too!

I'm always talking about...

Shopping! What clothes can I buy next to create a killer outfit. I help style my friends too - it's my favourite thing to do!

The hashtag I always use is...

I'm quite a hashtag amateur to be fair! 

A word or phrase I overuse is...

"Oh my days" I suppose it comes with being the drama queen that I am!

Dress up or dress down for a night out?

Dress up always! Dress for how you want to feel; when I love my outfit, nothing can stop me from having a good time! Save the dress down look for the day after!

Trainers or heels?

Trainers any day! I have a pair of gold trainers - I got them to go with a cute party outfit but I live in them!

What’s your party trick?

I can do the best eyebrow dance ever!

Do you stay in or go out over Christmas? 

Stay in! Hot chocolate and my favourite Christmas film pleaseee!

House party or club?

House party; that way I can be the DJ! I like how house parties are more personal too!

Mates or dates?

Who's to say I have to choose one? I love my boyfriend he's my absolute BFF! However I can't forget (and I'd defo be in trouble) my friends! We're the loudest girls in college- it's hilarious!

What will you wear to go out over Christmas?

I'm absolutely in love with the mesh trend right now so maybe a mesh bodysuit or a fab choker and crop top - crop tops are worn all year round by me!

How do you deal with the marathon of happy hours, awkward dinners and a party list that doesn’t quit? Do you give up or go out?

I'm not a quitter! I get my best outfit on and go out!

Survival tips for going into work the day after a (Christmas) party/night out?

Drink plenty of water - the benefits of H20 are endless! 

Get the look...

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