Gifts for Girls Who are Actually Mermaids

1. Elena Mermaid Beanie | For The Cool Girl Mermaid

This magical pastel pompom beanie is basically everything. You've never heard of the lesser know urban mermaid? You. Haven't. Lived. 

2. Tegan Mermaid Stiletto | For The Glam Girl Mermaid  

Walking around on those - what do you call 'em? Oh - totally lit mermy heels! If you can't have fins *choking back sobs* these babies are the next best thing.

3. Sofia Hair Crown | For The Mermaid girl who is also a Queen!

YAAA-SSS-SSS QUEENS, it's time we put a crown on and ruled the ocean, you don't need Eric, but let's face it a singing crustacean would be pretty sick. 

4. Evie Scallop Dress | For The Mermaid girl who Loves an LBD

Dress up to get down, under the sea! This shell embellished bodycon is perfect for the sassy mermy in your life.

5. Boutique Sequin Clutch | For The Mermaid girl with Thingamabobs to Carry

What's better than a clutch? Yes, it's a clutch that looks like a shell and is covered in sparkles. Probs only big enough to carry your dinglehopper, but as long as your hair looks great, who cares?

6. Amelia Mermaid Night Dress | For The Mermaid Girl who is Chill

If you eat, breathe and sleep mermaid then this night tee is the absolute one. Big, comfy and shiny it's what sweet underwater dreams are made of. 

7. Mermaid Tail Blanket | For The Mermaid Girl who is More Netflix than Aquatics

Can't stand to look at your pins cause they ain't fins? Yeah we get it, cover them up and snug at the same time with a srsly cute tail blanket.  

8. PT Mermaid Make Up Bag | For The Mermaid Girl with Contours

Finally a safe place for your waterproof mascara! In shell pink or aqua, this make up bag is as pretty as it is handy!

9. Boutique Fiona Sequin Dress | For The Mermaid Girl who is Out Out

A dress so mer-maid for party season needs no words, it just needs catching, quickly! 

10. Faye Plunge Swimsuit | For The Mermaid Girl who is no Basic Beach

Take the plunge with a mermaid one-piece, the water babe in your life will be winning while she's swimming.