How-To: Blog & Work

Working and blogging is a lot harder than it looks. There’s a common misconception that blogging is easy, that anyone can do it and it’s taking a few pretty pictures and writing a couple of paragraphs. Yes anyone CAN do it, but it takes time, a part of your life and your passion. If you aren’t willing to commit that, I’d think twice. 

Be Realistic

Only you know how much free time you have in your week. You may have your job, fitness regime, hobbies, social events, seeing your friends, family and partner and that’s BEFORE your blog even comes into play.  The whole ‘There aren’t enough hours in the day’ saying is so true when you have to squeeze all of that into your life. Your free time is precious so be realistic with what you can achieve. You may be out of the country for two straight weeks so decide what you want to do. Some take a hiatus, some bring in guest bloggers (which is great for building up blogging relationships and for a fresh eye on your content) and some prep that empty gap with scheduled posts. Or you may have plans every night in one week - the same applies.

Assess Your Week & Plan

The best way to know what you can achieve is to take each week as it comes. Every Sunday I’ll look at my calendars for the week ahead - firstly work to see what my workload's looking like and what lunch breaks I'll have free and then social to see what nights I can squeeze some things in. And I'll use them to see what blog assets I can achieve. Reviews need well-lit photography so come A/W - they're weekend jobs with the little light we get, whereas if I'm travelling on a train - that gives me an hour or so of solid writing time. Try to fit it in around your life and not the other way around.


Whether you’re away (literally) or just don’t have that much time that week, scheduling is a great option. From scheduling a post to scheduling tweets and Instagrams, it can take the weight off doing it daily and let you have more of your free time back. I wouldn't recommend forever scheduling as it can take some of the creativity away so find the balance that's right for you. Tweetdeck is always a great shout for Twitter and there's loads of Insta scheduling apps like Later and Unum to help get your grid looking great. 

Be Ready For Inspiration

It can happen at any point so be ready. If you're at a desk for your job, jot down ideas on a pad or make a quick list on Word. Alternatively make notes on your phone or grab a sheet of paper. I try to carry my laptop around with me as much as possible as although I love my phone, I love typing and my ideas seem to just flow better from a keyboard. 

Fit It In Around Your Life

Ultimately, unless your blog is your life and your job, it should compliment and accompany your life. Don’t let it take over or become a chore to do. Enjoy it and weave it in and around your work. Some weeks it will be easier than others to slot the two together and some it won’t. Try your best but don’t beat yourself up about it.