How To Make Decisions With Confidence | Stylist Live

"Unless you're a pilot or an eyebrow technician, failure is okay" - Dr. Mandy Lehto    

Yesterday, The Fix team headed up Stylist Live in London for a day of inspirational talks, fun workshops and fashion and beauty pop-up stalls. One of the first talks of the day was with life coach, writer and psychologist, Dr. Mandy Lehto on How To Make Decisions With Confidence. 

She opened her talk by telling us about her huge decision to quit her job as a high-flying investment banker. So how did she make such a big decision?

Firstly, she asked the three Ps: partner, parents and peers. But she was still confused. It wasn't until she was walking down the street and saw a guy wearing a Nike t-shirt that she had that light bulb moment. So it's no surprise then that her mantra is "just do it."

She told us how the primary function of our brains is to survive, so when we have to make a tough decision, we're instantly overcome with fear. But that's just our instinct - fear is quick, but dumb - and we need to put that part of our brain on standby whenever we need to make big decisions.

Whether it's choosing quinoa or pasta for lunch, going to the gym or lazing on the couch or choosing a new career path, all of these decisions we have to make can give us "the fear." So how do we overcome this? 

Dr. Mandy's Top Tips:

- Do something different

- Get outside

- Move

- Practice breathing like a Navy Seal. (Breathe in for four seconds, hold and squeeze all of your muscles, and then exhale - it works, trust us!) 

- Name it to tame it - do a little running commentary in your head of how you're feeling and trust your inner sat-nav.

- Remember, failure is not the opposite of success - it's a part of it

- Prime your mindset like a muscle

- Be disciplined. You can't plan on motivation but you can plan on discipline 

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