I got all my sisters with me!

To celebrate celeb BFFs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s return to the screen as a double act in ‘Sisters’ also celebrating the 6 types of sisters we all know and love… 

1. Chalk and Cheese, complete opposites, Sensible Sally and Rowdy Rachel (Maura and Kate in Sisters) you have practically nothing in common but your love of disagreeing with each other.

2. The borrower – basically (without sounding melodramatic) she’s a wardrobe thief with a get out of jail free card ‘cause your mum taught you that sharing is caring!

3. The serial shamer - having a sister means there is ALWAYS someone to remind you of that truly embarrassing thing you once did/wore/kissed! “Remember that time….”

4. The older, been there, done that, has ALL the T-shirts sister - we love you for preparing parents for the worst to come... *eternally grateful*  

5. Hey soul-sister. Ok, so she’s not blood related but you found your sister-soulmate and she’s even better than family!

6. The best friend (the one we all want to be) she knows you better than anyone else - exactly how to make you laugh (and cry!). You probably share in-jokes, favourite songs and dance routines, you’re like a bad double act!