If Mean Girls Was A Working Day...

Ah October 3rd AKA our yearly chance to celebrate all things Mean Girls. There's a reason it's a must-watch movie so we've applied it to the 9-5 day, or grind as some like to call it

When you roll in 10 minutes late to work and your boss asks "where have you been?"

Any chimes of "Happy Monday!"

When your work wife has your back and brings you a coffee 

When you look at your to-do list for the day

When they tell you "not long until hometime" but it's in fact only 11am

When a negative email from a colleague hits your inbox 

When you can't stop using office jargon like 'OOO' and 'just looping you in on this'

When you give your friend the last office biscuit 

When you dressed for the wrong season

When you accidentally reply all

When your boss asks for an hour long report 10 minutes before you're due to leave for the day

But when clocking off comes around... 

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