Insider | Yeezy Season 3

So if you didn't get tickets, you weren't on the guest list and you don't have that 'well connected' plus one, well, neither did we BUT our PR girl Kayla did. Kayla found her way into Kanye's album launch and fashion show on Thursday night, here she is in the crowd looking flawless in her boohoo bomber (represent). 

So you already know that the Kardashian family all turned up in Balmain and that Kendall and Caitlyn wore the same outfit. Here's all the goss from the inside that you didn't know...  

Kanye confirmed that adidas will be lowering the price of yeezy boosts after the crowd was chanting 'make them more affordable' - not sure adidas will be thanking him for that

Whilst the crowd chanted 'F*CK NIKE', Kanye thanked adidas for sponsoring the entire show 

He also announced that his goal is to be creative director at Hermes (really!?)

Kanye rapped over his own tracks in true MC style

He showed a preview of his new video game featuring his mom flying through heaven's gate and the crowd were not feeling it...

Kanye personally thanked Olivier Rousting for the Kardashian/Jenner families outfits (who knew he is so well mannered!?)

And finally (and most importantly) there was an open bar and errrrbody in the crowd was gettin' tipsy!