It's the most wonderful time of the year

And by 'it' we mean the holidays in New York

Sat in our Manchester head office gazing out the window at the rain that hasn’t stopped in weeks, I’m lusting over the 1000s of Instagram posts and Snapchat stories of the Holidays in New York; I’m green with envy. We’ve all seen how magical NYC is at this time of year in the movies (Elf!) and it is seriously my  dream destination.

Manchester’s grand Christmas light switch on with its soap stars and fireworks seems a little less exciting after watching the annual tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center (this year featuring Sting – your mom's a fan). The Rockettes brought all the festive sass of the holiday season to the thousands of New Yorkers and tourists that crowd the streets for the yearly launch of the holiday spirit in quintessential NYC style!

Forget London’s Winter Wonderland, I'm daydreaming about grabbing my girls for a night of ice skating in Central Park or going on a hot date in skates with the most romantic backdrop – NYC magic at its best!

The city is lit up every year with Christmas trees, lights and dramatic holiday window displays, as a massive fan of the festive period, I can’t imagine a more enchanted place to spend the holidays with friends and family! Not  even the most tourist-adverse New Yorkers can argue that Christmas time in their city isn't just dreamlike.

Candy canes in new york
Candy canes in new york