Jourlie 4eva

Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss, AKA Jourlie, are two best friends who have shared a catwalk together, landed campaigns together and shared a birthday (or a few) together.

In celebration of their mutual b'days today, we look back at some of our fave moments from two of the smartest supermodels on the planet.

That time they nailed outfit synchronisation

Just because one of them wanted to wear white doesn't mean the other couldn't too.

That "that was sooooo jokes" moment

Because when your best gal pal can make you laugh like this, who else do you need?

That guest appearance on 'Well Dunn'

After hearing all about Karlie's infamous cookies, we couldn't wait for Jourlie to cook up a storm together.

That selfie

You know, the ones you *think* you're going to keep to yourselves but they somehow appear on Insta...

That kiss for the paps

What do you do when the paparazzi try and snap you outside a show? Grab your mate and show her some love.

That time we wished we were Edward Enniful

Because even the tightest twosome will let others into their squad.