Lion Babe - The Interview Pt 2

If you've been missing NY's hottest duo as much as we have... don't worry! We've got more from the girl and guy from our latest campaign as we talk style, confidence and everythannng SS16.

Describe your style in one word

What are your top five fashion rules
1 / Know your measurements and highlight your assets. It's okay not to look like everyone else.
2 / Take risks - I like to surprise myself.
3 / A touch of surrealism and magic is a must.
4 / Don't over-accessorize - less is more or more is more, it all depends on the mood that day.
5 / Feel comfortable - if it's not comfortable take it off.

There's a lot of synergy between fashion and music... does your music influence your style, or vice versa?
They definitely go hand in hand, but mostly the outfit comes after the vibe of the music. We are both visual so ideas will flash into our minds to match the sound. We like to pull from a variety of decades.

Who are your style icons?
Jillian - Veruschka, Josephine Baker, Debbie Harry.. The list goes on and on.
Lucas - My dad.

1. The iconic Debbie Harry 2. 60s babe Veruschka 3. Jillian killing it on Insta

What era of fashion are you most intrigued by?
The 1970s and the future.

Why is body confidence important?
Body confidence is important because it is a silent way to communicate with the world. Your body is your temple and feeling good about the body is feeling good about yourself!

Top trends for SS16
Slip-like dresses worn for an evening out, showing your shoulders, metallic silver (it makes a strong statement), a good pair of denim and ruffles.

With festival season upon us, what festivals can we expect to see you at and what’s your festival must have?
We're excited for our second round of shows and hope to return to some of our favorites from last summer. We learned last year that it is vital to have boots!