Manus x Well... Not Machina

With this weekend's Met Gala taking on the theme of Manus x Machina (or fashion technology to the rest of us who had to Google that) there were a lot of robot themed, metal-looking outfits... and then there were these guys. Taking their own inspo from... well mostly TV characters, they clearly didn't get the memo!

Zigi x GOT

Okay so the power couple that is Zayn and Gigi did actually stick to the dress code... and yet they still managed to look like Daenerys and Daario from Game of Thrones.

1. @roughsoul69

Lupita Nyong'o x Marge Simpson

The hair was really enough, the green dress was just asking to be featured in this article!

1. @thesimpsoner

Tabitha Simmons x Lord Farquaad

I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone knows who this guy is because I'm sorry but Shrek is a classic! Add a hat and she's 100% ready to rule Duloc.

1. @le0ner

Rita Ora x Feather Duster

OK so we actually love this dress, but the feather duster is an uncanny resemblance.

1. @ottoman_st

Solange Knowles x Cupcakes

Well, the cases to be specific. Can we also just take a minute to mention the leg wear? Are they long toe-less socks? Are they part of the shoe? Who knows but it's really adding to the cupcake crossed with big bird look.

Claire Danes x Elsa

Thinking outside of the metal box, channeling a Disney princess in a her light up (yes you read that right) blue ballgown, Claire Danes looked FABULOUS!

1. @frozen.animation

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