Most Epic Tour Outfits Ever

Selena G went ahead and jazzed up her wardrobe for the Revival tour this week, so lets rewind for a sec this #TBT, and take a look at the most major on-stage looks of all time... 

Britney (feat. snake)

Because when earrings, a belly bar, and a necklace aren't enough, whip out a casual python. 

Only Brit... 

Jay and Bey

No need to tell us to bow down, Bey. All hail the On The Run wardrobe. Bejazzled balaclavas and all. 


2008 Gaga, we miss you. The shades, the bodysuits, that ma-HOOSIVE fringe... we were living for all of it. 


Matching denim skirts, complete with political messages like 'safe sex' and 'world peace'? One thousand percent yes. 

Sass level 100.


Can we just appreciate that this woman is 48 next year, and she's been performing in Vegas looking like this? 

Kill. Ing. IT. 

Spice Girls

We couldn't write this and leave out this lot. 

Is it tragic to still want that Union Jack dress? Asking for a friend...