Mom Knows Best

Whilst we'd never have admitted it at the time, we know now that 99% of the time, our moms were right about most things. Here's some we're happy to share and shout about (as told by Clueless). Damn our stubborn teen years... 

You'll Regret That Outfit

From jelly shoes and double denim to us thinking rocking the skimpiest outfit to our college disco was the one, we should have listened to your style advice. We should have also never mocked you for what we dubbed 'your poor outfit choices' because, chances are, our kids will now do the EXACT same thing. 

Your Hair Is Beautiful The Way It is 

But Lauren's mom is letting HER get her hair bleached blonde!! Which at the time probably would have resulted in "Well you wouldn't run into a burning building if Lauren was would you?" We'd probably sassily reply 'Yes' but regardless, mom you were right about this. My poor hair's been through several rounds of streaks, highlights, box jobs and just general torture. And it'll never be that silky smooth condition it once was. One time machine please... 

That Boy Is Trouble (Via MumInPractice)

Maybe it's what we've seen in the movies or the fact we're told to AVOID the bad boy that makes them THAT more enticing but it usually ends in tears, and yes you were right. 

Always Apply Sunscreen (And Keep Applying It)

Sure being forced to wear ten coats of sunscreen and a ridiculous sun hat on holiday may have been cringe-inducing, but it kept us safe and burn-free. And stopped any sunburn which definitely does not go down well on the girls' holiday when wearing white... 

Go To Bed Early

Bed before midnight?! Pahhh! Oh yes, we laughed and doubted her. We had to be (in some cases) marched to our bedrooms yet now we count down every minute until we're back there. Our bed is great, it's our safe place, it solves most things and it's harder to leave every morning. We mourn all  those hours we wasted of our youth denying sleep, can we cash those in now.

One Day You'll Miss Living At Home

Remember when we couldn't wait to leave and stay up as late as we want, eat whatever we feel and generally do whatever we wanted to do?! Yep sure that IS the case now, but we do miss our home home comforts. We're talking endless heating, not worrying about bills, having a house stocked full of food and all of the other fab things that come with living with the rents. 

Don't Fight With Your Siblings

"Well SHE started it!" we used to utter and whilst it was probably true, you were right about cutting back on the cat-fighting because now we get along just fine. Our upbringing could have been a hell of a lot less painful if we'd stopped the scrapping. If only we'd listened...

Enjoy Being Young

Why were we always in a rush to grow up? Ah yes, seeing 18 rated films at the cinema or being able to drink - yes both great but just like living at home, there's so many great things about being young. No responsibilities, no job to go to or much to worry about other than who was 'playing out' that night and whether Joe from maths class likes you or your  best friend. 

"It's A Classic"

From her educating us that a polo neck was a wardrobe staple to being told that Dirty Dancing was the ULTIMATE film we just HAD to watch, your advice was always right and so was Swayze - no-one puts Baby in the corner. 

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

Mom was the ultimate enforcer of all-things girl power way before The Spice Girls came on the scene. I was always brought up to believe there's no such word as 'can't' and to this day I put it into practice. 

It'll Be Better In The Morning

Wise words that are today are still true. Not everything can be solved by sleep sure, but most things feel and look better the next day - it's all about perspective and reflection, which whilst we're on the topic - sorry mom, you were right about everything...