New Year Life Hacks

New Year’s Eve...It’s the time for starting a new; the birth of a better person, forgiving all your sins and telling yourself that this is the year of change and you’re going to embrace it! Or… if you’re like me, you may be sat there reminiscing the (non) resolutions of twenty- fifteen and justifying reasons as to why you didn't join a gym, drink less, ban carbs at night or stop biting your nails?!

Lucky for you, we are here to give you a nudge (and a wink) in the right direction with a bible of the 10 commandments you CAN get on board with. Which means you can enjoy a little spontaneity without having to pull a sky dive or bungee jump out of the bag.

1. Find a great pair of jeans - at least if you haven't got your life quite in order, a brilliantly fitting pair of jeans will make you feel as though you're half way there!

2. Join a dance class - let’s face it, it's the only fun way to exercise. Well... the least likely we are going to bail on?! - twerk it whilst you work it!

3. Book a trip/leave the country. Go somewhere you have always dreamed of. Charity work if you have no money – where there’s a will and all that jazz.. 

4.  Save for something amazing.  A new car? Louboutins? Treat yourself to something you have always wanted - and don't be sorry! 

5.  Learn to cook -  I don't necessarily mean become Delia Smith’s sidekick – a simple cookbook could start you on the right path. 

6.  Say yes more often - Whether it's too a trip, volunteering or even that night out you're in two minds about? Nobody remembers the nights they stayed in and did nothing, right?

7.  Take photos - lots of them. Pics of your nan, selfies with your dog…The new plant in your room. Create memories of the 

8. Learn a new party trick – you know that one that always comes out after a few drinks 

9.  Make the usual unusual – swap your Bridget Jones grannies for a new silk pair . Try a different coffee, wear something you wouldn’t usually wear. Try a new hair style. 

10.  Conquer a fear – No matter how big or small; A blind date? Bikram Yoga?