No city celebrates like NY city!

Our US PR Assistant Kayla flew over to the UK office for a whirlwind Christmas party and left the Manchester team with some tips on how to blag your way into 'guest list only' parties and a short story  !

I like to hit a good mix of parties all year round but when it comes to the festive season, I go all out! From work parties, formal black tie events and of course the classic Christmas sweater party. You name it, I'm there!

When it comes to  crashing VIP parties, I like to live by the motto 'fake it till you make it!'

Last holiday I was dating ‘the lawyer’ (rarely do my dates make it past the nickname stage). He invited me to his company party at the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. We mingled with his co-workers and soaked up the attention as 'the new young couple.'

We decided to venture down stairs to check out TV Station, NBC’s Christmas party, which was STOCKED with celeb royalty! We grabbed champagne while the tree was lit up and mingled into the party. We met everyone from Real Housewives to the true diva herself, Mariah Carey.

So the moral of this story is; rock it out, because this is the time to do it! Look like you're supposed to be there, feel like you're supposed to be there and you can crash any holiday party you want.

Top Tips for crashing VIP parties!

1.       Look and act the part – Confidence is key. Fake it till you make it.

2.       Blend in and play it cool – the doors are usually chaotic, if you’re by yourself or in a small group you can easily slip in with a group entering the party.

3.       Know the right people – invited attendees usually have extra RSVPs or know a name of someone you can use at the door.

4.       Take advantage of people sharing anything and everything on social media – search social media for tags/mentions of the event. People at the party or attending, will tag the event and disclose important info. Location, how the party’s going, what you need at the door, etc.

And finally..

5.       Roll with a strategic squad – basic arithmetics, have more girls than guys in your crew.