NY Resolutions According to Our Horoscopes

ARIES/The Ram - You are one independent woman; feisty AF and a huge barrel of laughs. Despite your charm, you can’t always keep a lid on it. NOR can you always pull off being a diva.

NY RES:  Commit to one small random act of kindness each day. Share your doughnuts, send an appreciation tweet – there are no limits!

TAURUS/The Bull - You may be a dependable, down-to-earth kinda gal, but you haven’t adopted the horns for nothin! You are best at holding a grudge whether it’s against your folks, friends or that overflowing floordrobe (fellow taurines, I can vouch for us all!)

NY RES: Grab control of those lazy days; no more ‘namast’ay in bed’.. which means no Netflix and snacks (well...most of the time).

GEMINI/The Twins - The good news? NEVER a dull moment. You’re a social butterfly – bringing more gossip than Heat magazine. You often jump into things... i.e. you're a master at ‘winging it’, not to mention being the crazy friend who is constantly at the height of everyone’s Snapchat story.

NY RES: Have a little more patience, plan your time more carefully and share some of that quick witted energy with those around you!

CANCER/The Crab - You’re known for being a home bird by heart.  Whilst you aren't a fan of change, your unpredictability keeps you fresh and fierce... A must-have addition to your girl squad.

NY RES: Reach out of your comfort zone. Go on a trip...book a sky dive. The world is your oyster (or, crab!)

LEO/The Lion - You are the leader of the pack and totally live up to your Lion status. You’re confident and love to be the centre of attention (who doesn’t right?!) Fearless and fabulous are your middle names!

NY RES: No drama! Leave behind the not-so-bare necessities and enjoy a more care free you.

VIRGO/The Virgin - Not so much the ride-or-die chick, but more of the ‘where are we riding to? Why do we have to die? Why didn’t you like my pic?’ type of chick. Whilst you’re known for having brains as big as your beauty, you tend to think of 100 ways NOT to do something.

NY RES: Let your hair down this year! Less of the ‘what ifs’ and more of the ‘oh wells’. Rip up the rule book and bring a bit of chaos. 

LIBRA/The Scales - You’re a creative whizz and the queen-bee of balance; whether it’s mixing nights out with pj nights in, gym sessions with duvet days or gin with tonic – you know just how to keep it real. The catch? You can’t always have the best of both worlds (despite your best efforts!)

NY RES: Become better at making decisions... and stick to ‘em!  In other words... just go with it. Carpe diem! 

SCORPIO/The Scorpion - Queen of confidence. Whilst you're known for being a bit of a dark horse, you always have secret or two up your sleeve – your hair isn't that big for nothing!

NY RES: Open up a bit more. Swap stories, tell tricks, reveal secrets – chances are you’ll have the best ones anyway! Sharing is caring. 

SAGITARIUS/The Archer - You're adventurous and open minded – we always want YOU at our party. Full of great ideas; you’re the life and soul of the group, never short of a BFF and always have a fab story to tell.

NY RES: Grab your goals with both hands.  Put all your big thinking into getting what you want. Jump back onto the straight and narrow! Now is the time to get what you want. 

CAPRICORN/The Goat - You have been on fire this year and your career goals are on point. The result? A little too much all-work-no-play. Whilst your eyes are on the dollar, you need a little more time to splurge it. Treat yo’self.

NY RES: Take more time to relax – book a spa, get retreatin’. Leave your phone at home (multitasking NOT optional)

AQUARIUS/The Water Bearer - Independent, imaginative and one of a kind. What do we love most? Your quirkiness..and best of all humour on tap . Sarc remarks welcome when it comes to an Aqy!

NY RES: Don’t get distracted from your creative endeavors. Do what you do best and carry on breakin’ the mould.

Pisces/The Fish - You’re a pro go-with-the-flow type of girl, easy to please and make a GREAT bestie. Known for being an expert day dreamer (aren’t we all?!) and are the girliest of girls… Not to mention owning the wardrobe we are most likely to raid!

NY RES: Get selfish! You have got kindness with others down to a T this year. Twenty-sixteen is all about you.