Off The Map Destinations For Runaway Brides

By Charlotte Briggs 

With the inevitable influx of engagements flagging up on our social media, it’s no wonder that some of us (just me?) may have started day dreaming about weddings. Our own wedding to be specific. For most of us, it’s something that we’ve been planning since we were little, so the perfect destination to celebrate this shin dig should be at the top of our lists. Step away from your Pinterest boards guys, because I’ve found the top 5 off the map wedding destinations for 2017. 

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1. The Rustic Bride - The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Rustic weddings are pretty popular at the moment, and I can’t think of anywhere better to get married boho style than the Isle of Skye. Located along the West Scottish coast and befittingly named ‘the Cloud island’, this destination is one of my top choices. It boasts over 50-miles of clear lochs, sea cliffs and velvet moors, making it the perfect host for some seriously beautiful wedding snaps. Bohemian queen Vanessa Hudgens would definitely approve.

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2. The Romantic Bride - Lake Garda, Italy

There are several reasons why everyone should get married in Italy (mainly food related), but Lake Garda is particularly special. This part of Italy has so many different dreamy and romantic venues at hand and all in one location, such as sun set hilltops, lush Riviera’s and fairy tale castles. Plus, think of all the pizza readily available. That alone is what dreams are made of.

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3. The Perfectionist Bride - Santorini, Greece

If you want to feel like you’ve just stepped onto the set of a rom-com film without the plot twists, then this island is the perfect choice for you. Take a pinch of historic Greek buildings, add some vibrant squares with a dash of narrow, cobbled streets, and you have the ultimate wedding venue with some killer Instagrammable backdrops. Just don’t forget to invite me.


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4. The Beach Babe Bride – Goa, India

Offering stretches of insane beaches and beautiful sunny weather, Goa is fast becoming one of the new ‘it’ wedding destinations to watch out for this year. I got some serious inspiration after seeing a few couples celebrating their festivities here, and who can blame me? Goa is the ultimate location for any runaway bride who wants to dance the night away with the sand beneath her feet.

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5. The Adventurous Bride – The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Getting married by the ocean is one thing, but getting married in the ocean is a totally different and unique experience. If you’re adventurous and fancy something completely off the radar and worlds away from civilisation, then this might just be the destination for you. And if I haven’t persuaded you, just think it’s the perfect way for you and your boo to unleash your inner mermaids.