Rihanna lyrics to use in the office

@badgalriri is currently on her seventh world tour with her eighth studio album ANTI. You've probably noticed that the Stylefix team are real fan girls when it comes to Rihanna and reckon we should be channeling her sass on the daily. 

Bring a little bad gal to your office  chat with our top Ri lyrics for work work work work work.

When you're about to present your ideas in a meeting that you've been perfecting all week...

When you get a b*tchy email, fire out a sassy reply and then hover over the send button

When your whole team is just so brutally honest and you're all like sorry but

When you really really want snacks but no one else is hungry

Then your work BFF finally comes back with bags of biscuits, popcorn and chocolate

But the person next to you is on a diet and you're like

I know you wanna bite this  

When somebody asks you for that same thing you already sent them twice

When you get a last minute request on a Thursday and you know your gonna have to work late again

When payday is tomorrow and you start adding to basket in prep

When you all go for one drink on a Friday and your co-worker comes back from the bar with a cocktail, a bottle of wine and a tray of shots

When it's Monday again already