Rory Gilmore Should be your Spirit Animal

Do the words ‘if you’re out on the road’ have you bursting into song?  Then the release of the official Gilmore Girls trailer has probably given you serious feels, right? From ‘why is Kirk at Friday night dinner?’ to ‘how come Jess is the only one of Rory’s former S.O’s with a speaking part?’, it opens up a f**k tonne of questions that we frankly cannot wait to get the answers to; roll on November 25th.

You can however relax in the knowledge that the Gilmore Girls still share the love of junk food, coffee and witty repertoire that made that them legit role models. YAAS Queens!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for A Year in the Life Yet, its right here and you are welcome...

Until then, let me leave you with the reasons why Rory Gilmore should be your IRL spirit animal

1. Girl knows how to eat; move over avo addicts, when you need a taco, You. Need. A. Taco

2. She knows what's important in life and will see red if you're tyna mess with that

3. She isn't afraid to show her smarts, no eyelash fluttering for this chick (even though she has those incred peepers). Notice the book she is reading and you might make it coffee at Luke's

4. Sorry Snow White, bird song and sunshine rock, but nothing is better than bed and fresh PJs; for real

5. She's a realist; good or bad, she say's it how it is. Usually in quick witty sentences that make us LOL

7. She is as awkward with boys as we are but loves like its going out of fashion and bagged three of the dreamiest boys to grace Stars Hollow. We're rooting for you Jess!