Selfie Ettiqiette

The Dos and Don'ts of social media snapping.

Scroll through your insta feed  and you'll find an array of selfie obsessives. Chances are you've probably taken a selfie or two (hundred) of your own. Some are good, some are bad, and some are completely unnecessary (I'm talking to you Minaj, do we need another barely there outfit shot? I think not.)

Here are some tips to put your best face forward - feel free to send this guide to the worst offenders you know. 

DO – Have Good Lighting

If you’re outside, make sure the sun isn’t behind you to avoid the creepy silhouette look (unless that’s what you’re going for and you don’t actually want people to see your face). If you’re inside try to position yourself as close to a window as possible. You can add some subtle corner lamps and reduce the warmth in your photo later, but daylight is always best.

DON’T  - Use Flash

If your winter skin didn’t already look pale, it will now! Actually, pale is too kind, I’m all up for pale. This is more ghostly/ sickeningly ill. And then there are your eyes that look like something supernatural, that’s if you’re lucky enough to avoid the classic red-eye… need I say more?

DO - Use a selfie stick.

No more asking fellow travelers to take a photo, the sudden rush of fear as you hand over your phone, your most precious possession, to a complete stranger. And then that sinking feeling when you realise you messed up that one shot by blinking. Sure, the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s in the background but you’re really not looking your best. Enter, the selfie stick. Finally, you can get snap happy totally solo so you can show everyone who wants to know (mainly your mum) what an incredible time you’re having.

DON’T - Abuse a selfie stick

You know when you have a really great shot and a selfie stick just pops out and obstructs the view -  that is NOT OKAY. You may as well be physically shoving them out the way, I’ve seen people almost take someone’s head off! General rule: if your selfie stick is somewhere you aren’t physically able to get to because of other human beings, stop now.

DO – Own It

If your brow game is on point or your eyeliner wings are their best yet, you are allowed to share. Even  a no-makeup bedstagram can be allowed, as long as this isn’t too regular people might even actually care. (Probably not, but you could at least get some friendly jealousy from your fellow insta followers).

DON'T – Brag

Humble or unhumble, there’s a thin line between looking hot and becoming your own #1 fan. The only time I need to know about you being at the gym is when aliens have landed, you are alerting people that the gym is the only safe building in the area and it is LITERALLY a life or death situation.

Top tip: adding the words “bad hair day” to a fierce photo does not help, it only adds to the rage… you know you actually look gorge, we get it.

DO – Bring in your BFF

The lighting’s perfect, make-up on point, but another solo selfie upload may be taking it too far. Time to bring in the BFF. By BFF, I mean whoever your best pal in the room is right now – girl friend, the boyf, family snap with your mum? Bonus points for cute pet pics – social media the sh*t  out of those!

Disclaimer: Insta-jealousy is real and cute pet overload may lead to unfollowing – you have been warned

DON’T  - Secret Selfie

When your best mate is doing something embarassing: busting out their  moves, hanging over a toilet seat at 3am (etc.) the temptation is too great. If you absolutely MUST sneak them in to the back of your selfie, it is strictly FYEO and all rights to the picture go to the friend in question - social media is a no go. Unless you’re actually trying to lose a friend, in which case go right ahead!