Snapchat Struggles

Get ready for some seriously first world probs Snap fam...

1. No double filter

C'mon, now. Just give us both the golden butterflies so I stand a chance. My friend's looking a solid 10, and I'm coming in at a 4. 

2. Post-night out stories

Time for some damage control. A round of shots with 'it's lit' as the caption and sweaty, selfie videos in the club?

Brb, just gonna go throw my phone into a lake. 

3. Has the person I fancy watched it?

In case you didn't know, your story is nothing until you've seen that name pop up on the list. NOTHING.

4. Lip syncing

Your make-up looks on point, so you attempt the Kylie Jenner slow-mo lip sync to your fave new song. 

And now you've never regretted something so quickly in your life. 

Delete. Delete. Deleeeeeeete.

5. Chat amnesia 

I will pay someone £500 if they can honestly tell me that they've had a pleasant experience chatting on Snapchat.

Friend: 'Haha, do you think so?'

My brain: '...What TF did I just say?'

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