So much MØ

If you've not heard her name, you've most definitely heard her voice. 

MØ, aka Karen Marie Ørsted, is the Danish singer on the most-streamed song EVER on Spotify - you know, that 'Lean On' one with Major Lazer.

Since then, MØ's collab-d with some guy called Justin Bieber (no joke) and is finishing off her second album. We even managed to score her latest track 'Drum' before anyone else... so early in fact, you can only hear it right now on our ad. Produced by Blood Pop, 'Drum' fuses MØ's signature soft-pop vocals with a distinct electro beat.

Thank us later (and download it here)

About the girl

Penning her first song at just seven, MØ joined an electro-pop punk band, Mor, when she was 18. In 2009, Mor went solo as MØ, releasing her debut album five years later in 2014 titled No Mythologies To Follow; part pop, part electro, a little punk and a pinch of soul. 

Since then, she's toured with Major Lazer, produced tracks with Diplo and ha over 34 million streams on her last release 'Final Song' on YouTube. 

Link up with MØ: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube